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The rating:
'I find her care has deteriorated over the past three or four years. She has been treating me for a high Chosterol count and inists on giving me a Statin drug which I have ceased taking. Recent blood tests showed that the natural additives taken by me are working very well as my count for HDL is on down considerably! very passive and resents a patient who has done some research of their own accord. Quick to write a RX for just about everything! If she is taking on more patients she has perhpas lost some to another medical practioner who listen to their patients instead of reaching for their prescription pads. She appears to resent anyone who has taken the time to pursue information of their condition and have taken the time and effort to do so. She is inclinced to dismiss the topic without further discussion. I would be very happpy to find a Doctor who listens and doesn't smile sweetly and hand me a piece of paper with yet another medication scrawled on it for me to take!'
HDL is good cholesterol, it transports lipids from your tissues to be broken down in your liver. It's LDL and VLDL that's bad cholesterol that you want to lower.