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'i went to see him because i had fibroids. he wanted me to take hormones and i said i did not want to. he basically blew me off after that. he also suggested i take my girlfriend's progesterone (ie a medication prescribed to someone else!) and see if it made a difference. i ended up hemmoraghing and being rushed to emergency because of the fibroid, which would not have responded to hormone therapy anyway. the doctors at the hospital could not believe that he had never investigated my fibroids any further. he is a careless doctor who at first comes off as really sweet. stay away!'
Very interesting website:CEMCOR (The Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research)..The doctor may have been on to something though...if you don't ovulate regularly, you won't have enough progesterone to balance the estrogen that your ovaries produce...Why is this important? Because estrogen dominance predisposes you to cysts and fibroids. Cells proliferate under the influence of estrogen. Even if you don't have a primary hormone imbalance, many women can when under stress may "cycle egglessly" for a period of time, sometimes long enough for cysts and fibroids to become a problem. There is a natural kind of progesterone called "prometrium" that is more bioidentical and safer than the chemical progesterone "provera". Endocrinologists are the "hormone experts" and many g