Rating Feedback for Dr. Yablonsky (1125910)

The rating:
'I went to Dr Yablonwnsky office in Maryville. I was a new patient and had a 2mm mole removed. I wasn't even given a bandaid. No medical issues. I took 10 mins of the doctor's time. Here's my bill: 1 Small Mole removed $150!! New patient visit $140 !! 10 minutes of the doctor's time was $290. I would hate to see if did have a major issue or if I insist on having a bandaid. Do not go to this doctor unless you want to be ROBBED.'
I have no idea if Dr. Yablonsky is a good doctor or not, I came to check reviews. However, I will say, that I just had the same thing done at a different doctor at SLUCare (on the Missouri side) and was charged $145.00 for New patient visit and $154.00 to remove the small Mole for a total of $299.00. Illinois doctors usually charge more than Missouri side due to the high cost of malpractice Insurance in Illinois. So, I'd say the price was comparable. All doctors charge high prices these days. Except for state clinics or sliding scale payments, I would bet it would be hard to find anything cheaper.