Rating Feedback for Dr. Samadi (2099266)

The rating:
'Dr Samadi is surgery happy and when I was there the first time with my son his was very cold I had to wait over an hour to see the dr and his staff was horrible he wanted to take out my sons adenoids and enlarge his nasel passages every time I went there (aprox 5 times) it was back and forth with the surgery I went to a new Ent specialist who was awesome with my son joking around making him laugh and very detailed dr respler is the best and so is his staff very friendly I would reccamend him to Everyone and he told me my sons corroded artery is closer to the front of his throat then normal and we have to be careful when things are in his mouth because if it gets nicked he has to be rushed to the hospital and if dr Samadi is so through how come he didn't find it just sayin! And dr respler is not surgery happy by any means he said my son will grow into his adenoids and his nasel passages my son doesn't snore or anything it's just very frequent nasel drips and ear infections great dr'
Same here, someone should really analyze this mans line of work.