Rating Feedback for Dr. Davenport (2525370)

The rating:
'On my first four visits I found him somewhat helpful but after that he just seemed to be telling me what my family and friends would say. He has no staff at all and a very outdated office and charges more than what he gets from insurance company for a missed visit $150.00'
I am sorry that you were not fully satisfied with your experience. I understand that you did not find every session satisfying, did not care for the décor, and were unhappy with the late cancellation policy. Treatment varies for each patient and not all sessions may feel as good as others. It is important that you choose a doctor who you feel is a good match for you and discuss your feelings with them. If I am not a good match for you I see it as my job to help� help you find the right provider.

I have chosen not to employ office staff to ensure the highest privacy for my patients. My waiting room is private without need to check in, sit with other patients, and patients deal exclusively with me for all scheduling billing and insurance concerns. My patients will only interact with me directly from a billing concern, to scheduling, or a phone call between sessions.

The practice's cancellation policy states that if a session is cancelled or missed due to no fault of your own you will NOT be charged. 24 hour notice is required otherwise or the full session rate, which is the rate billed to Medicare and all patients per office policy, is charged. In most cases patients are not charged for a late cancellation until they forget to attend several sessions without giving 24 hour notice and choose not to reschedule those sessions.

Charles R. Davenport, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Charles R. Davenport, Psy.D., LLC.