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Hi: I'm looking for some suggestions & perhaps support. In the last few years I've experienced a gr8 deal of trauma at the hands of physicians & hospital staff in Ontario, including untreated breast cancer, followed by repeated sexual assault during treatment, huge overprescriptions, bi lateral mastectomies w/out informed consent, no reconstruction, physical assault, death threata & an overwhelming 'buddy system' amongst physicians amongst other events. I began the complaints process with the police & the CPSO last summer, which was hugely awful. I don't sleep or function as it is, but after the police officer told me it was he said she said & i probably consented anyway (!) & the CPSO investigator acted out disbelief that any man would touch a woman with no breasts, i felt worse & worse. The nightmares & sleeplessness get worse when I even THINK about completing the complaint. How do you survive the complaints process, telling what happened, when you are so tied up in knots you can't speak? I've sought counselling assistance from several physicians & have gotten responses ranging from "you're lying", "he's my friend stop talking", "it's in the past, forget it", "oh, I've heard of you. Dr. Blank told me you are crazy & would say this", to "if your Dr. raped you, you deserved it." Frankly, I no longer trust any physician in Ontario, particularly those claiming any knowledge of psychology. However I'm determined to complete the complaints process. I can't manage a malpractice suit, but I do have written evidence from the dr. himself begging me not to report him & offering to pay me off that should put paid to his license if I can just unknot myself enough to finish my complaint. Anybody else gone thru something like this? What would you suggest? Any advice? Thank you!

Anyone who attempts to

Anyone who attempts to dissuade a witness from giving evidence in a judicial hearing by bribing them is guilty of obstruction of justice (Criminal Code of Canada Paragraph 139(2)(a)).

"Witness" includes a complainant.


MicOnTheNorthShore wrote:

Anyone who attempts to dissuade a witness from giving evidence in a judicial hearing by bribing them is guilty of obstruction of justice (Criminal Code of Canada Paragraph 139(2)(a)).

"Witness" includes a complainant.

But a complaint to the College is not a judicial hearing.

From what I have seen, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario obstructs justice by accepting whatever the doctor says without question. A thorough investigation is often needed, but the CPSO is not required to do one.

Patients who have been harmed need to know that it is quite possible that they will be revictimized by the College's frivolous investigation. Still, I believe it's the right thing to do. Silence on our parts is unethical.

From what I can see, the complaints are kept and filed, and when the complaints reach a critical mass, the doctor may be required to take some additional learning.

Patients should think very carefully before attempting a lawsuit. They need to weigh all of the pros and cons, and trust me - there are many cons.

Patients and professionals

Patients and professionals may want to read "the sociopath next door" by Martha Stout, Ph.D.

I still want to believe that there is good in everyone. Sometimes, I think, the behaviour can be attributed to obedience to authority figures, and organizations can be seen as authority figures.

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I've been thru a lawsuit b4 &

I've been thru a lawsuit b4 & know I haven't the strength for it now. He drugged me nearly comatose & on top of the sexual assaultshad me sign over a $20, 000 inheritance to him. Since he begged me in writing to not report him with the offer of an additional $20, 000 if I complied, he has dug himself into multi million dollar debt & taken money from others in very similar ways. The police besides saying no man would touch a breastless woman & if a doctor did it was consensual, also said that no matter how he acquired the money, regardless of the ltrs he wrote admitting the sexual assaults, emotional assaults, lies to get the money & offers of more money if I didn't report any of it, say once I handed him the certified cheque, it was all legal & he did nothing wrong. Over a yr later I'm still struggling, successfully but its brutal, to get off the highly addictive sedating drugs he insisted were necessary to treat the PTSD I came out of Princess Margaret Hospital with. They included 240 mg daily of long acting morphine, barbituates, antidepressants, THC, 2 sleeping pills & more. That doesn't matter to the CPSO or the police either, even tho the drugs were clearly used only to make me more pliable. I'm off all but 20 mg of the morphine for cancer pain & after hell on earth withdrawing, reduced the effexor by 30% so far. The police don't care what he gave me, whether it was even possible for a human being to be competent on the overdoses of so many drugs (I do have the pharmacy records), nor does the CPSO. But the essential problem is that much, much more brutal things than the sex, money, drugs were done to me by him. Really bad things that give me day & nightmares daily & the pain of deliberately getting these things said, is nearly inconceivable. I don't know how to do it with no support, isolation, ridicule of police & CPSO investigator & complete distrust of medicos. But I know he is also treating at least 1 female child I am very afraid for, he told me frequently about other female clients he did the same to, & from many other ratings on RateMDs (several from other women that the site later removed) that the abuse continues! I may be the only woman still competent enough & with written documentation of some of his routine abuses to do anything. I guess what I need is shoring up, support as the nightmares & emotional pain, the angerget worse as I attempt to write it all out. When I think about completing the complaint with the CPSO, going back to the police & making a stink, the pain of what he did becomes overwhelming. Am I wrong? Does it get better as you tell it no matter how authorities respond? Are there things I could do to help myself fight the terror & get the job done?There seem to be so many here who've been subject to terrible medical abuses. Surely some of them have been in my place & managed to at least survive getting all the words out? How did they do it? And I do want to thank those who responded to me already, particularly the wicked inner voice that spoke her opinion so boldly. I ddon't smile very often, but your candor gave me a lift. Thank you very much! I'm still seeking advice for how to get thru this & maybe save a few other innocent people such pain.


wishandaprayer wrote:
MicOnTheNorthShore wrote:

Anyone who attempts to dissuade a witness from giving evidence in a judicial hearing by bribing them is guilty of obstruction of justice (Criminal Code of Canada Paragraph 139(2)(a)).

"Witness" includes a complainant.

But a complaint to the College is not a judicial hearing.

Of course it isn't; I wasn't suggesting such. However, a complaint before the CPSO can eventually lead to a HPARB appeal, which is a judical process.

MT Hare leveled several accusations, some of which were of a criminal nature.

While we don't have "witness tampering" in Canada, per se, the CCC's obstruction of justice provisions cover any activity intended to dissuade a witness, including a complainant, from giving evidence, which one does in swearing a complaint.

MT, if one of your doctors attempted to dissuade you with a bribe, you need only bring that to the attention of police. It matters not whether you actually follow through with a criminal complaint of sexual assault. The attempt to dissuade you may be obstruction, and the Crown does not take lightly any attempt to interfere with the judicial process.

Thank you. I actually gave

Thank you. I actually gave the police officer to whom I gave the initial complaint the doctor's letters in which he offers me $20, 000 to not report him. She said there was nothing illegal about a desperate man offering me money to keep me quiet. I argued with her as best I could but she simply wouldn't let me talk. Said II'd taken too much of her time already & escorted me out of the station. I thought she was very wrong about a lot of things, including this, so I did call about 20 different lawyers for advice. They all said that since the doctor involved is a much used professional witness & they were either currently using him or had in the past, they couldn't advise me about anything to do with him. In fact, one of his letters says that he'd just been hired for a case & would send me the $4, 500 retainer he was expecting as good faith that he'd pay me the full $20, 000 if I didn't report him. The police have that too. I want desperately to go back to the police & force them to at least act as if they give a s--t about law & enforcing it. Your link & last message help a lot. With the info that the officer was completely wrong, your link showing the law, the doctor's ltrs & courage, the mass of fear seems a little more approachable. And if a supervising officer is forced to review my interview & the stack of doctors confessional, begging ltrs, maybe that officer will take the little I was actually able to choke out about the sex & drugs seriously & get this doc off the streets. More than anything, he's a criminal & should serve time, but nobody in any position of authority is willing to believe, even with his own written word, that it's possible. Thank you. Please, what is a HPARB appeal? Mic, how did you become so knowledgeable? Is there any chance you'd be willing to advise me a bit off-list? Maybe by phone? I have a tablet which makes typing difficult, but I could get to a PC if you're comfortable with that instead. Somehow I must get it together & get out of this frozen, terrified victim mode to do the job. I think maybe your practical, knowledgeable input might be part of what I need to find the courage to do this.

Since the police and many

Since the police and many lawyers have told you that there isn't anything illegal about what this physician has done I would take this to the media. Since it's not illegal there shouldn't be anything to hide, right? Have you considered simply tweeting it out to a few journalists until someone picks up the story?

I would say you have a great

I would say you have a great courage to see such a bid disease as a normal thing and handle things very easily. It is only our willpower which helps us to see such difficult situations with a positive attitude and smile to the world

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