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'Just wanted to say that I have 2 children with Dr. Lavi. He has taken tremendous care of them. After 2 other allergists failed to diagnose and control the problems, Dr. Lavi was a heaven sent. My son thinks the world of him and cannot see himself going to anyone else. He is efficient with his time but does not make you feel rushed. He always greets you with a smile and a friendly voice. He explains things to me and my children in an easy way to understand. All of his suggestions have worked and my son has already lost 3 big allergies (eggs, fish and shelfish). He's truly a gem and we are lucky to have him. Thanks Dr. Lavi :-)'
Hi there! I see that your children grew out of these food allergies, so it is possible that my 4 yr old boy could grow out of this...I'm worried sick about my boy and him not growing out out of it. Any info or support and any ideas please email me at :

Ã?oncerned mom of anaphylactic boy!