Rating Feedback for Dr. Shome (1694361)

I am a patient of Dr. Debraj Shome and I am appalled at the language used by some folks on this forum. Do gentlemen call doctors crooks? Or, maybe you are not a gentleman, just a crook who uses the anonymity of the internet to throw stones at people anonymously. You may disagree with someone Mr Crook, but to use unparliamentary language and malign him with invectives is just not done! Someone does not like a doc, so malign them? You want an appointment and cannot get it for the doc is busy, so malign them? That is the easiest to do in this internet age I think, malign people and do it anonymously with no threat to self!

This crook whose write-up appears below has probably not even met Dr. Debraj Shome. Otherwise he would not write such rubbish about him. Have you really met him Sir and will you please show us the courtesy of openly telling everyone your name? Have you seen Dr. Shome's research papers in the best international Medical Journals? They are all available on the internet. Read them please. Have you read his Wikipedia profile? Do you know that he has won many international awards and solved many patient's problems? If you have the guts, come out publicly with your name and the patients name and allow the good doctor to explain. Yes, I am biased because he saved my life and face, but do not merely malign the good name of a brilliant doctor!