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'Dr. Parker is without a doubt one in a million. No one in Winnipeg had ever seen a fibroid like mine â??I was told I would have to undergo a radical hysterectomy. After speaking with Dr. Parker we booked surgery with him. His gentle demeanour & reassuring words put me at ease immediately. What was supposed to be a radical hysterectomy, became a relatively simple 45 minute outpatient procedure, with only a few stitches and a very short recovery. In a short sentenceâ?¦Dr. Parker saved my life. I may not have recovered from a radical hysterectomy, NO ONE here ever gave me hope that this massive fibroid could be removed vaginally & simply. Dr. Parker performed both. His skill & expertise, coupled with his caring & gentle demeanor, allowed me to walk away from this health issue, complete and intact. Thank you Dr. Parkerâ?¦.YOU ARE TRULY A LIFE SAVER & GIVE WOMAN HOPE WHEN THEYâ??VE BEEN TOLD THERE IS NONE !!'
I recently discovered I have a uterine fibroid after suffering from it for 2.5 years without any answers! I'm only 23 years old, from Winnipeg too. Can you tell me approximately what it cost for a surgery-myomectomy? How does it work for international patients and how soon were they able to take you in? Because at the rate of our health care, I can't wait another 6 months to a year for the next step, I'm not even close to a form of treatment yet other than the suggestion of a hysterectomy by every doctor I've seen.

Hi! Please email me at

Hi! Please email me at

and I can fill you in on all the details...Dr. Parker is amazing. There is no one here like him! See him or speak to him before you make ANY decisions here!

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