Rating Feedback for Dr. Simko (1027072)

The rating:
'Honestly i was afraid of him. I felt he did not listen to me , at all. It was as if I went for ten minutes of lectureing. I saw him for more then one year and I am willing to bet he couldn't say how many children I have or what level of education I completed with out checking his notes. He's rather "Un-plugged" . He comes of as arrogant and gruff. I have stopped seeing him and he hasn't even once checked to see if things were okay. I canceled an appointment and never made another. Seems uncaring and I have heard the same from other patients of his as well. I suppose he would be okay for maintence medicine , which is basically what I used him for. Good Luck.'
Absolutely. He was aggressive and derisive toward me on my first (and only) visit. I am sorry you had to experience him for a year. I don't think he should be practicing psychiatry, as he could actually injure patients.