Rating Feedback for Dr. Gladish (1718657)

The rating:
'At first I thought Dr Gladish was great. She was able to correct my back issues (even though they come back periodicaly) But when my son began seeing her for a soccer injury my oppinion changed. Her treatment plan was exactly the same for him as it was for me even though we had completely different issues. My husband also saw her for a couple adjustments and they were the same as for myself and my son. I think she only knows one thing and treats everyone the same. My son refused to continue to see her after 3 treatments per week for 4 months and no improvement. We found another chiropractor that did a much more thorough evaluation, and continues to evaluate him at each adjustment. His adjustments depend on what he finds that day and not just twist, twist....see you next time. He has not had any pain in two months.'
I have never seen a patient for 3 times a week for 4 months. If a patient is not responding after 4-6 weeks I send them out for a medical referral. I am glad you found a chiropractor that fits your needs. Best Regards