Rating Feedback for Dr. Gladish (2524388)

The rating:
'I saw her a total of 3 times. The first time I had immediate relief from some back discomfort. The second time I had to ask her for one of the adjustments that she gave me the first time. The third time she realized they had not done xrays and refused to see me until I had them done. The Xray equipment was very old. It made a really weird and unsettling noise and made the lights flicker when they were taken. She was very abrasive when I asked her why I had to have xrays and that I was feeling apprehensive about getting them. She told me to come back the following day for an adjustment instead of treating me after my xrays. The situation rubbed me the wrong way so I didn't go the following day. Later, I was shocked to see the explanation of benefits in the mail with charges for that date of service for things I never had done! Between her attitude, her dated office and equipment and in my opinion, dishonest insurance billing, I will never go back and will never refer anyone to her.'
If there was a problem with your bill please call my office immediately so we can correct the billing error. I have not seen your statement however, will be happy to correct it if there was a mistake. Please call my office!! Thank you.

You are correct, I am very persistent about x-rays because I could hurt you or any other patient by adjusting and not seeing the problem. I have had people come in with broken vertebra and would have cause more damage had I been irresponsible and adjusted without x-rays. I always take x-rays before any adjustment, I take them myself to ensure I get the exact picture for each patient. I consider it malpractice to adjust without x-rays.

Our equipment is about 8 years old and our building is older, I could upgrade to a new model and charge my patients more to pay for it. My unit works awesome and does not give out any more radiation then the newer models.