Rating Feedback for Dr. ROE (1565932)

The rating:
'I have been to this Dr in the past and decided to use Him as a follow up doctor after having sugrey in another state and. Dr Roe told me that he didn't like doing work on another Doctors work.And it was not until after I told him that I will take the cast off myself at home, did he consent to do this simple task. I did much research to find the Doctor to do My repair work and , I didn't much like the way Dr Roe acted toward Me! Although these Doctors don't seem to mind at all taking your money! I believe Dr Roe to be a Good Dr, but also I believe in the right to choose! Doctors should realize that We the People are better informed these days and try to choose the best health care through our own research. Thank you for taking the time to read my review ,and remember ( stay informed)'
Doctor Roe is a Good Doctor, I agree with you.

Why did you rate his knowledge low and then praise him as a good doctor?

I don't like critiquing other people's art work, but I don't praise someone if I think their skills are lacking proficiency, or vice versa.

His professional courtosy is admirable, not trying to steal a customer away from another doctor and realizing the other doctor knows much more about your history. That he considered your health before considering an opportunity to make money speaks volumes of good things about Dr. Roe.

Personally, he treated me with respect and genuine concern.