Rating Feedback for Dr. Monkman (144517)

The rating:
'Missed my son's ear infection...twice within two days. A fever of close to 40C for 4 days is NOT viral. After the 4th day, my child saw regular physician, and immediately put him on antibiotics. Would not recommend Monkman.'
Fever for 4 days is a non-specific symptom and 4 days is absolutely not indicated to provide an antibiotic. In fact, it is contraindicated unless there is an effusion present in the ear. Dr. Monkman made the correct decision and you have tried to smear her image. I would say Dr. seeking has actually provided your child a disservice and most certainly the province's taxpayers.

Moreover, 70-90% of otitis media have spontaneous resolution within 7-14 days of onset of symptoms and antibiotics should not be routinely prescribed.

Once again, Dr. Monkman made the correct decision. Please remove this comment for your ignorance. Your doctor is competent and deserves your recommendation.