Rating Feedback for Dr. Clark (2540950)

The rating:
'Staff was slow, not the best. Doctor was condescending, telling me my eye was a `mess`(I have an autoimmune disease that affects my eyesight). The reason I went in is my prescription has changed due to my health condition. He was mean, nasty about my eyes, told me he cannot give me a prescription, but still charged me for one! Asked him if I need to go see my opthamologist, his answer `What for, you just need to take the vitamins I tell you to and buy the glasses I tell you to`. Strange. BAD experience too long to type here, will never go back, high pressure sales over priced too.'
I'm sorry to hear you feel that way Fawn. The fact is that with your eye condition, you should not be wearing contact lenses. Your eyes are much too dry from your auto- immune disorder to tolerate a contact lens on your eye.yes, I charged you for your examination and you are correct I did not give you a prescription because the was nothing accurate to give. Your eyes need to heal by not wearing contact lenses for a month and then be re-evaluated. I did not ask you to buy vitamins, glasses or contact lenses. I told you to STOP wearing your contact lenses for a month and return for evaluation which would be covered by MSP ( no charge to you) I do not feel referral to an ophthalmologist will give any different result.