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'I went for hairloss. I called the office ahead and asked if she specializes in hairloss since many dermatologists do not. They told me yes. She at least took a sample of my hair and examined it under the miscroscope, one step above the previous derm but then she just told me that i had permanent hair loss and could try rogaine. Basically she gave me no hope or options and just recommended that I cut my hair. One of my main reasons I went was to identify the source and stop the damage if possible. She didn't offer a follow up and when i called with a problem subsequent to the visit, she had her assistant tell me to go to my primary doctor. I've done research and seen others and there are many other options that she didn't offer. Most of these treatments are most effective when given within a year of the hairloss. I was very disappointed with dr. Appiah. It's obviously not her area of expertise. She should have admitted so and directed me to seek others instead of wasting my time.'
Could you please let me know if you find another doctor for your hair loss crisis? I have the same problem since a year ago. Tks!