Rating Feedback for Dr. Agayeva (1679873)

The rating:
'Ladies, is there a problem in New York to find a GYN who doesn't make you guilty for own mistakes or the mistakes the staff had made? If English is not an issue, please take your time and get rid of arrogance, rudeness, and total ignorance of listening and hearing of the patient displayed by Dr.Agayeva. I personally, do not believe in any positive reviews about her. Why? Because desire to humiliate is not an accident, but a part of personality. At the time I had a pleasure to deal with her, I encountered with my personal problems as well; it was the reason I was not able to go further - as she deserved - after herâ??s and her staffâ??s unprofessional conduct on my behalf. I ask everyone on here for avoiding her, if you want to be treated civilly. It seems russian speaking doctors don't understand that licenses given in America not for disgracing patients. Just wondering what price did she pay for converting from being a dentist to GYN? We the patients have been paying for it as well.'
I know this will come off as prejudice and will offend some people, but what this person posted about Russian doctors and their deplorable behavior is 100% accurate... I realize that it is unfair to generalize an entire group of people. However, as someone who has spent two solid years going to countless doctors, who have mostly all been Russian - and as someone who has had nothing but horrendous and nightmarish experiences with every single one of them - I can say with complete honesty and conviction that they are in a class of "bad doctor" that thankfully, few can compete with - and are truly the WORST of the WORST.

Anyone seeking medical care knows what a challenge it is to find a good - or at least, somewhat decent physician. When dealing with Russian doctors, it is not only a challenge - but an impossibility. They simply do not exist.

I don't know what the Medical schools in Russia teach, but it is obviously not medicine, patient care, or professional conduct. Other than basic medical knowledge that any non-physician already knows - they are unintelligent, incompetent, do not care about properly diagnosing or treating a patient, and provide absolutely no solutions or assistance whatsoever.

They are, however, extremely well schooled at billing / defrauding insurance companies. And, will demand or use whatever manipulating tactics they can to guarantee that you will repeatedly keep returning to them - as frequently as possible - for multiple, unnecessary, sometimes dangerous, always expensive procedures - just so they can continue to keep collecting payments.

Their conduct is appalling and goes far beyond just being unprofessional or lacking bedside manner. They are always very abrupt, abrasive, rude, condescending, exude an heir of superiority, and do not even attempt to treat a patient like a person or make them feel comfortable. If anything, they act like you are a burden, inferior and beneath them, and undeserving of even the most simple common courtesy. They make it abundantly clear that they have absolutely no respect, regard, or interest in you or your well being.

They usually employ a nasty, impolite, ignorant, unhelpful staff - who don't speak English, or pretend they don't - that is equally as unprofessional and unpleasant.

Russian doctors despise everyone - including their own people - but they possess an especially visible and strong contempt for anyone who is not of their heritage. Therefore, if you are not Russian or do not speak Russian - the treatment, if you can even call it that - is even more abysmal.

Their offices are usually located in older, poorly maintained buildings and are unkempt, dirty / filthy, lack privacy, and do not follow HIPPA guidelines.

Yet, despite all of those negative FACTS, they are always packed with patients beyond maximum capacity, have excessively long waiting times, and operate like a factory production line - where personal care (or any care) is simply not a concept. The overabundance of patients is not a reflection of a caring doctor, quality care, or successful practice - but typically because:
1 - They are the only providers who accept Medicaid or similar insurances.
2 - They are nothing more than shady insurance mills.

If you are someone seeking medical care - DO NOT GO TO A RUSSIAN DOCTOR!!!
They are not only a disgrace, menace, and hazard to the medical community - but to the entire human race.