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'I saw Dr. Viera for Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty to fix my nasal condition, but instead made things worse. I ended up having go back to this Dr. at least six times to re-fix his mistakes, on top of my worsening condition now. Every visit was a nightmare involving an emergency room, excessive bleedings, and nothing fixed. Another Dr. eventually had to be used to fix things properly. DON'T USE HIM...'
I had the same thing happen to me! I had rhinoplasty with Dr. Viera ended up having an infection (which is not even common). It gave me a huge dent which he tried "stimulating' tissure growth by jamming a needle in and out of my nose numerous times. This caused my nostril to deform and contract along with excessive scar tissue grow in my nose. He made it sound like it was not a big deal the dent and everything would be very simple to correct. He did the surgery one month after my first (which every doctor knows you need to wait a year before correcting!) He made it much worse placing excessive tissue in half of the dent creating a prominent bump and nothing in the other half making an illusion of an even greater dent. I have spent so much money trying to fix the problem. I had to go to another doctor who made it look a little better compared to how ridiculously deformed Dr. Viera had made my nose. It still looks bad with a bump and dent. When a doctor messes things up as badly as Dr. Viera did, it is almost impossible to correct. I just want my old nose back.