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The rating:
'DO NOT USE HIM FOR BREAST IMPLANTS! I just had my revision surgery w/ Dr. Revis, as my first procedure with Roudner left me with both breasts that bottomed out. I remember walking out of my consult crying, as I had no idea what size implant he was putting in and whether he'd use saline or silicone (I wanted silicone). He was hurried, uninformative, and very arrogant, as if my opinion didn't matter b/c he knew best. I decided to use him b/c saw the results of girls who used him years ago and their boobs looked great. I flew down from NYC for this and already had paid, so felt like I should just suck it up and go through w/ the surgery. I should have listened to my gut and never done it. Right after surgery, not only was the size too big but the pockets were too dissected as both breasts fell into armpits. Within 3 months, both breasts bottomed out. He's an old man now that lost his touch that people used to rave about. I would NEVER recommend him. Use Dr. Revis for perfection!'
I'm looking to have a procedure with Dr. Roudner. Is there a way to get ahold of you to discuss your experience? Thanks!