Rating Feedback for Dr. Vijay (787665)

The rating:
'I waited for over an hour past my booked appointment to see this moron. This was my first time seeing him, he walked in the room - and completely insulted me. I'm a big girl, and that doesn't bother me - I'm beautiful and I know I am. He told me that I have to lose weight, and when I told him I've tried everything he accused me of not trying hard enough and stared at my stomach. He told me he can't do laproscopic surgery because I'm "too big" and the needle isn't very long. "It will never go in you" he said. He said "I don't operate on people your size". Then proceeded to tell me there was nothing he could do for me other than tell me to diet or go on birth control. Since I've tried both numerous times I told him I'd be seeking another opinion. He said "go ahead" and walked out of the room. This man is a ROYAL jacka$$ and I would NEVER reccommend him to my worst enemy even. He needs to learn some manners.'
That's just the way he is... If he knows he can't help you he won't waste your time or his trying to sugar coat it.