Rating Feedback for Dr. Vijay (1349317)

The rating:
'This "professional" has just cancelled the third appointment this year. We cannot comment on his knowledge because we have never met the man. The first time he didn't even show up to the hospital and we were told that patients had travelled hours to see him only to find out he hadn't booked room time. The second time we got a phone call at 10pm telling us our 8:30am appointment was cancelled. Today, the same thing happened. This is exceptionally troubling to us, especially my wife. We want to get pregnant and have limited access to doctors in our area. Does he not realize that he is hurting people by repeatedly cancelling appointments? We are considering reporing this doctor to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.'
Gimme a break... He has babies to deliver and all sorts of emergencies.. at least you were told the appointment was canceled. He only needs to see you for 2 minutes and he will schedule all the tests and whatever you need to conceive.. For me, he booked me for this red dye test and after not being able to conceive for 8 years prior to this, I got pregnant in 5 months... He is the best and sometimes you have to be patient to see the best.. If you wanna take your chances seeing another doctor, good luck to you.