Rating Feedback for Dr. Neale (955920)

The rating:
'Dr Neale is an excellent Dentist and excellent surgeon however, I am not pleased with the size of the crowns I recieved. 1 of the crowns is too large and I've complained several times. For the money I've spent, I am not impressed! Dr. Neale is RUDE to his staff, he has done this is front of me on numerous occasions. I've talked to his staff after hearing his negative comments to them and they were not happy about it either, I can see they're embarrassement at his lack of professionalism towards his staff. No wonder he has new staff each time I've gone in. I had to talk to him about his attitude towards myself at one point, in which case he backed off, guess he's not used to a patient standing up to him.'
Sometimes crowns can not be made the size a patient would like and this would always be explained as there are a number of possible reasons for this: available space for a crown is smaller or larger than desired, gum or bone has shrunken and the size of the crown is altered to reduce excess space, other teeth are crooked and this results in compromised space for a crown. Often there are some treatments to correct these problems and enable teeth or crowns to look more even such as orthodontic braces to straighten teeth, gum and bone grafts, sometimes crooked teeth need to be removed or additional crowns are needed - these treatments may improve the appearance but invariably involve greater cost and treatment which the patient may not want.

Many thousands of patients are very satisfied and impressed with our services. We know this because many return for future treatment and recommend their family and friends see us. Patients also get a treatment questionnaire following treatment asking them about their experience. The vast majority of our thousands of patients give us an anonymous rating of 9 or 10 out of 10 - this is the survey that means the most to us.

Dr. Neale will do his best to answer any question or concern including any enquiry about his manner. Dr. Neale is human and cares a lot about our patients and our team. He is not perfect and he is the first to state so. Anyone can be a critic but most reasonable people might first consider his reasons and then try to imagine walking a day in his shoes. Tooth Replacement Dental Specialty Centre