Rating Feedback for Dr. Stewart (2161871)

The rating:
'Dr. Stewart is great...she has been my family doctor for years and couldn't ask for better. Her assistant (Amy) on the otherhand, needs to understand that she is in fact not the doctor, nor does she run the world...always so rude and very UNhelpful!! She must be a very unhappy person, and in turn this makes the patients unhappy. Keep up the good work, Dr. Stewart...and Amy, try a good deed once in a while--you never know, you might even smile.'
I think Amy is wonderful, she is very organized. I have never ever found her rude, but, I am not a patient who phones every time I get the sniffles. I have also never ever waited more then forty five minutes to an hour to get in. I for one appreciate the fact that Dr. Stewart does not overbook and make her patients feel rushed.