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'Also tried to sell me on a healer of some sort. She must get a huge cut or be married to this person. Was not able to help me. I will not go back.'
I had been a patient of Dr. Woodrumâ??s since 1999. She always went above and beyond. I am no longer her patient due to the fact that she chose to move back to her hometown in Kansas and I live in Colorado. To address your issue that she suggests â??alternateâ?? treatment methods should be considered an honor. In this day and age when most doctors and patients just want to prescribe subscriptions and send their patient on the way; Dr. Woodrum analyzes alternative methods first. I know her personally, and NO, she does not â??get a huge cutâ?? or any monetary benefits at all. However, most doctors who push the latest pharmaceutical drugs do, in fact, get some sort of â??cut.â?? (Usually under the table by â??Big Pharmy.â??) Dr. Woodrum is a fantastic doctor. It was a huge loss to the state of Colorado to lose her.