Rating Feedback for Dr. Stein (1538517)

The rating:
'One office visit and was billed $10,000.00 They said they took our insurance but after the visit they said they told me that they did not take my insurance and wanted me to pay all of it at one time. I started making payments and the doctor sued us and took us to court and had no mercy. He will have you thrown out of your home. He did nothing for my back nor did I even get the results of the $10,000 tests that they did on me. I suggest you stay well away from this guy. I spent ten minutes with him and he billed me over 10 grand. Just wanted to warn you.'
I was there just twice and his wife was a total bitch behind the window in the office. They ran a drug test on my twice in 2 weeks at $900.00 a pop....these people are nothing but money grubbers, They don't care about there patients, the first time I was there you would think I was going to see the doctor but NO, just the PA for pain medicine, I had questions to ask the doctor...i will not go back there and let them bill my insurance like that again...they are ruthless people.