Rating Feedback for Dr. Hicks (1032739)

The rating:
'Dr. Hicks first and forth most commitment is providing for her patience and trying to keep her clinic in the best possible working condition, which is extremely difficult to make "picture perfect" due to her clinic being located in the north where it is rare to find a medical clinic. Dr. Hicks has so many patience simply because she really wants to make a change in peoples lives and help as many as she can. I personally do not think Dr. Hicks could spend any more time or put in any more effort into her clinic than she already does. She works almost 12 hours a day seeing over 40 patients on average. I know Dr. Hicks' morals, loyalty to her patience and her broad knowledge is greater than most doctors. I know this because Dr. Hicks is my mother, I see the side effects of working such busy hours everyday, but I also see her will not to give up on her patience everyday aswell.'
If you are indeed the offspring of such a "fine" physician, why can you not spell?