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'Great staff,hospital,Nurses & AWESOME Surgeon.Couldn't imagine another. BA-June 2011.From 1st visit,to planning surgery everything made me feel secure. All my questions throughly answered & explained. I couldnâ??t commit to size on surgery day even after speaking to Dr.Revis,I called him back from scrubbing in the OR to go over my thoughts and concerns & still as cheerful as ever helped me decide on what was right for my body. I was more then pleased with my look.Pain was minimal & could have kept w/look. After 14 months I noticed that my left breast & muscle didnâ??t seem to get along & if I flexed I saw a slight pull on the implant. Brought my concerns to him & he wanted me happy & did a revision FREE OF CHARGE. Even MORE Pleased, then 1st time around.I have recommended him to many friends & compliment givers. Sad theres negative comments, remember your altering your body its not going to be Perfect even if your paying for it.What your body does is what it does. So satisfied w/his work!'
I was thinking of going to Dr. Revis but now I'm seeing all of these negative reviews on him. What do you think? Did you like him. I'd be travelling for my BA. I don't want to have problems with the dr. having an attitude. I also read he does bad lifts. Now I'm confused.