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The rating:
'I have gone to Dr Revis twice. First time was for my second revision. I needed the internal bra and a implant exchange due to asymmetry. I was very happy but when I got home I noticed tenting. Dr Revis got VERY defensive but late apologized and said to wait and see. Well I waited about 6 months and then he said to come back to florida for another revision. He waived his fees obviously. I flew back and he fixed me very well and was nothing but kind to me. My only complaint is my donut lift is not the best. Its a bit sloppy. Also I must agree about Just Breast Implants and how they removed negative comments. His previous employee was even banned for fear she would say something bad. I want ladies to hear he made a mistake and gave me symmastia but I cant say it. He is a good surgeon but far from perfect. I think any lady reading these reviews is getting a real answer about his work.'
Hi, I am so glad I looked on here. I'm looking to do a revision and from justimplants.com they rave about him. Now after Ive seen these reviews, I don't want to use him. Hi also wants to charge me a lot too for my revision, very expensive. Now I don't know who to use. I was willing to travel to see him. Now forget it.