Rating Feedback for Dr. Scholtz (1675888)

The rating:
'I went to his clinic (VivaCare at Walmart) at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and was turned away, since he had reached his "maximium allowed patients for the day" How early do they open? With my two year old son in tow who had a double ear infection, I was shocked that a clinic could be so heartless. Our regular GP's office was closed for Christmas Holidays - so I'm wondering if maybe he just wanted to get off early? Not impressed. Not to mention the lady at the counter was very rude.'
I am upset over the fact that you have given Dr. Scholtz a review, and a very poor one at that, without even seeing him. As a mother of a two year old myself, I completely understand your frustration at being turned away with a sick child, but I believe you are aiming this frustration in the wrong direction. I know for a fact that if Dr. Scholtz had known about your situation he would have seen your child. As you can see from the other reviews on this page he is a great doctor. He not only helps his own patients but also patients from other clinics when their doctors are away or not available. I'd suggest if this situation ever happens to you again that you insist to speak to the doctor directly. Many doctors (including Dr. Scholtz) do have a heart and would be more than happy to look at one more patient, especially under these circumstance.

As to the reason why the clinic wasn't accepting more patients that day, the BC government sets a limit on the number of patients a doctor is allowed to see in a day (there is no limit in Alberta or Saskatchewan). Because doctors get paid per patient, this limit is put in place to ensure doctors give quality care to each patient. It is likely that Dr. Scholtz reached his allowed number of patients by 2pm due to the fact that it was the holidays so he was probably dealing with higher than usual volumes. Despite this limit, I know he would have gone over it for you had he known.

These are important points to consider before writing a potentially damaging review for a doctor you have never even spoken to.