Rating Feedback for Dr. Roberts (2525420)

The rating:
'I was a patient of Dr Van Tonders until he left and Dr Roberts bought the practice. I waited an hour and ten mins just to get into an office, and another 20 minutes in an office waiting for her! This is so unprofessional! If I showed up an hour and half late they would have cancelled my appmt AND charged me a missed appmt fee! UNACCEPTABLE! The doctor didnt know my history so couldn't help me with a simple question! I came for urine preg results from the lab that was over a week ago and they werent available ( not dr fault) but most dr's keep preg pee stix on hand to test themselves anyway...but she didnt offer that. I did my own test at home previously and told her it was positive, but She didnt offer any prenatal info-I had to ask all the questions! This is concerning as I am in my 40's and have went through invitro to get prego and have had miscarriages in the past! I hope things improve from here!'
I waited 2 and a half hours to get in to my SCHEDULED appointment...and its true, if we show up late for a SCHEDULED appointment, they charge us for it....I also was unhappy with DR. Roberts...After years of having a medical issue, Dr. Van tonder finally found me a medication that too ALL the pain away but Dr. Roberts did not want to renew this medication for me. Dr's give you pills and once the pills work, then they refuse to continue with them saying that its for our own good and its because they don't want us to get addicted...well I say don't give us these pills to start with. In Dr. Roberts defense I will say that if the dr spends no time talking to you during our appointment then we complain that the dr doesn't listen to us but when they spend the time talking to their patients which makes all the other appointments late then we complain that the dr is slow...but to wait 2 and a half hours is rediculous. AND if you choose to change dr's, they say that you are getting multiple prescription from several dr's...seriously we can't win...