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'I like Dr. Delaney. She is very upbeat and has a good sense of humor. I found her to be very cheerful and personable. I am currently 7 months pregnant and I have mostly seen Jackie the NP but I don't mind this. Dr. Delaney is only one person and the only doctor in this practice. I previously went to a practice with multiple doctors who seemed to move through a revolving door. I have a better rapport with Dr.Delaney and Jackie. Jackie is very patient and friendly. The wait time is so-so. I used to detest the receptionist but she is not there anymore. The people working the front desk now are very friendly. The nurses are good. Overall I like this practice and would recommend. They call right away with test results and seem thorough during exams. I will have to update this review once I give birth in March.'
I never did update my review here but thought I would do so now. I gave birth 10 months ago (cannot believe it has been that long) and I have to say that Dr. Delaney was FABULOUS! I had a great delivery with my first child (different doctor) but this delivery was even better. She followed my birth plan 100%. That right there made me adore her. They didn't follow my birth plan completely when I delivered my first child and that always annoyed me. I didn't want childbirth to be something that happened to me but something I was actively bringing about. I delivered naturally with absolutely no pain killers and she helped me do that. She let me labor the way I wanted (out of bed) and so I can look back on that day and say it was one of the most empowering experiences of my life. I felt like superwoman and I got to meet my sweet baby boy and Dr. Delaney is part of that happy memory. I did not circumcise and she never gave me a moment's grief so those other reviews don't ring true for me. She was just so sweet and wonderful and I will continue to receive my care from Dr. Delaney. If/when I have another baby I will be more than thrilled to let handle that delivery as well!