Rating Feedback for Dr. Stavros (2526628)

The rating:
'Received teatment without even taking an X-ray/MRI/CT Scan... Most good chiropractors will atleast take an X-ray prior to treatment.'
Hello. I'm sorry you were disappointed with your treatment. Regarding your concerns, X-rays can be requisitioned by chiropractors but only if deemed necessary. Such examples include suspected fracture, osteoarthritis, etc. Subjecting a patient unnecessarily to ionizing radiation without suspicion of an injury or condition that warrants further investigation is irresponsible of that practitioner and not within the best practice guidelines of the chiropractic profession. As far as MRI's and CT scans, they can only be requisitioned by an MD and only if warranted. A diagnosis is derived from the patient's subjective complaints and the objective findings of the practitioner. An imaging study can assist in the diagnosis of a condition but is not performed unless necessary. It would be my pleasure to discuss this with you further in person if you would like to give our facility an opportunity to do so.