Rating Feedback for Dr. Locketz (1664647)

The rating:
'To have any injection from this man is just as well as sticking a needle in your eye. I had the worst experience getting an si joint injection without any pain reliever and was screaming for him to stop the procedure. He did not. It was the most horrendous torture I have been through even though I have now a 4 level lumbar fusion as well as a right and left si joint fusion. After the procedure with Dr locketz he said nothing to me as i was nauseous and vomiting from the pain. He ended up hitting my sciatic nerve numberous timess and never stopped the procedure when I told him to. I would not send my worst enemy to this so called Dr. The only way he gets a 2 rating is because of his staff. He would get a 0 if it was up to me.'
This patient was given more than average amount of anesthetic prior to the procedure. Our staff was present the entire time to help them be comfortable. Unfortunately, it turned out they were in my office simply seeking narcotics. This patient had no intention of participating in our active functional restoration program.