Rating Feedback for Dr. Placik (887131)

The rating:
'went for counsol the dr seemed nice and nogiable then when it came to give me a quote it was out rages it was almost 2 1/2 the times that other ps has quoted i asked the girl is this the right quote and she said ya but he dose a good job so i told her it was to much for me i went home and looked it over and noticed i was being dbl charge for things on there so i called her and she says oh let me see about fixing it so she send me a new quote not much less than what the firt one was thats is crazy i told them no thanks and went to another ps and had my procedure done at a reasonble price and i am very happy with my results so beware as far ass all the other feed backs they look like so one that works for the dr has done them'
Rating someone sheerly on price vs. quality of work does not do justice. For quality work and overrall reputation, sometimes you have to pay the price.
Most people would consider a "bargin" doctor or coupon surgery to be a gamble.