Rating Feedback for Dr. Neale (985982)

The rating:
'I had an implant done at Dr. Neale's office. He was very rude to his staff every time I went there. Twice he also made me feel very uncomfortable with the way he treated me. Three weeks after his implant I went back in extreme pain, he spent approximately 15 minutes looking at it, putting on the permanent filling and telling me I did not need to come back to see him, to go see my own dentist because if there were any other adjustments necessary for my other teeth that was "her bread and butter". This did not in any way solve the pain I was in. I paid the remainder of my bill in tears and left. My regular dentist was able to see me the same day. She did not see any problem with my teeth but did at least prescribe an antibiotic for me. Almost three months later I still have headaches everyday which is believed to be sinus related. I am now scheduled for a CT scan which should show if the implant he placed in is the cause of all my pain. I will not go back to him again.'
The patient was informed her new pain was not related to our treatment and this was apparently confirmed by their general dentist. Referred pain from other areas can be confusing for patients and can result in costly and un-necessary treatment. The patient says we apparently told them to first see their general dentist for new dental concerns unrelated to the treatment provided by our office, which is the proper procedure. Subsequently, unknown to us, the general dentist apparently could find no dental problem and prescribed an antibiotic but this did not help. Apparently the patient's medical doctor recommended a CT scan due to headaches believed to be sinus related. We are sympathetic to this patient's symptoms, but we seem to be a convenient scapegoat. If the patient and general dentist want to arrange for our office to assess these new dental concerns we would then be able to provide some additional assistance. Unfortunately, we can't help further with an anonymous complaint. Tooth Replacement Dental Specialty Centre