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'Worth every dime!!!!! If there was a 6 out of 5 rating Dr David would get it. She has a very pleasant demeanour about her and is very knowledgeable. I recently had a dental implant and can only say it was a painless procedure (except my pride). I had zero complications and did not even require the pain medication that was prescribed. Dr. David kept me well informed (verbally with easy to understand literature) and the follow ups were thorough yet quickâ?¦I never had to wait, which was a plusâ?¦The best service I have ever received. On top of that, the staff was flexible with follow-up appointment scheduling, very well organized and as a whole, the environment was very upbeat. I would recommend Dr Lesley David not only for her skill but also as a warm and compassionate person. Peter S'
Agree with this review completely!!