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The rating:
'It's cool to know that doctor's are beyond reproach these days, and will gladly take advantage of the sick like Dr. Filler does. I spent days compiling background information for him and drove hours TWICE over TWO MONTHS to get a $3000 MRN he "strongly recommended" that wasn't covered by insurance even though I was told point blank by his staff that it was. Another two months later I e-mailed the office to see when I would hear from Dr. Filler or what the deal with my insurance was. No response, two days later I get an express mail from Dr. Filler with extremely poor analysis of the results, they were purposefully vague and heavily worded with medical terms so they couldn't be easily read. Called back to consult with them only a nurse could speak with me and in her words "wasn't qualified to give [me] a full analysis" and I'd have to fly to CA to talk. Any positive reviews on this site for him are probably fake. I dropped out of school due to the unexpected expenses caused by him.'
This practice should be exposed publicly via TV by victims like yourself and me to prevent others from being harmed...I had my own nightmarish experience here...have been financially devastated by this place..in addition they are keeping me from getting Quality care...there is a California state attorney generals office as well filing a complaint with the California Board of Physicians..In numbers we can stand tall..we live in a democracy and there are others that will take notice....