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The rating:
'I have witnessed first hand this fake arrogant so called professional in action. He does treat his staff horribly, belittles them, disrespectful. DO NOT Question him. He believes all general dentist are idiots along with pretty much the entire population of Alberta! He yells and screams like a child throwing a tantrum when he does not get his way even to an elderly lady . I have witnessed a 70 ish yr old women leave his office in tears and barely able to control her breathing he was so rude to her. He does not spend time on answering questions and when he is in a good mood with a pleasant manner you can bet he got a big pay out recently. I have nothing good to say about this unprofessional uncaring individual. Oh and if you want work. Be prepared to be screened to see if your bankbook measures up before he lets you in the door! And just be aware. If you go to a general dentist for implants, a standard implant. Same thing, same procedure and way less money!'
Do you ever wonder where dental staff work who aren't very good but may be nice? Do you want to have dental treatment there? It is the place where everyone is happy, everything is 'all good' but curiously, problems occur with many treatments. Dental specialists who know what they are talking about and can provide a clear opinion are sometimes called arrogant.
Dr. Neale believes the hardest work is general dentistry; dealing with the entire spectrum of dental problems, having done this himself as a general dentist for 5 years before specializing. He is also married to a general dentist and has some good friends over many years who are general dentists. Many general dentists have been referring their patients to our office for specialist treatment for years based on a long standing good working relationship of trust and respect and seeing excellent results that last.
Informing patients with compassion and honesty about the true extent of their dental problems and helping them accept their dental situation is not easy. We have great understanding for patients who go through this and realize it can be emotionally traumatic. All patient treatment is private and other patients do not know what has occurred in a private treatment area and what we have done trying to help some patients cope with their sometimes serious dental problems. Tooth Replacement Dental Specialty Centre