Rating Feedback for Dr. Neale (1148979)

The rating:
'If your loaded with cash and can stand a disrespectful person working in your mouth heâ??ll be glad to clean out your bank account. He is embarrassingly bad-mannered with his assistants while working on patients. Non of his employees stay there long enough to get trained to his predilection, it must be getting difficult to find a workforce that can put up with him. If you question his wisdom he makes you feel uncomfortable. I am mostly satisfied with his work but I wonâ??t be going back. His staff was always courteous, I felt sorry for them. I drive by his office quite often and I donâ??t see any cars parked there so business must be slow or maybe he closed shop.'
Contrary to these anonymous comments, almost all of our staff are long term employees and team members who like each other and Dr. Neale. He cares about how well our team operates and often takes the time and effort to help each member of our team to improve. He expects at least as much from himself. Our team understands this and so do most patients although apparently, some do not. Patients will not witness a caring discussion made in private when the urgency of important patient treatment and desire to keep on schedule has passed at the end of the day.
Dr. Neale provides his professional opinion within his area of expertise and our treatment results are predictable and highly successful. Patients come to our office, often through the recommendation of their general dentist who have often known and trusted Dr. Neale and our team for years. Patients also come to us by recommendation of their friends or family who have had treatment in our office. Patients are only seen by appointment, generally one at a time. Tooth Replacement Dental Specialty Centre