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'$200.consulting fee,for five minutes of rudeness.The reviews on here are true.This man is arrogant and rude. Cut me off when I had a question and actually said "stop" in the middle of my sentence.I walked out thinking it was a waste of $200.but now I think it was the best $200 I ever paid as I learned what I do not want in a surgeon.Prices are thru the roof and almost 2 times the national average for the type of surgery I was looking at.HE IS NOT BOARD CERTIFIED MEMBER OF THE AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY!You are paying for hype and because he has done surgeries (particularly noses)of several celebrities.This is LA for god sake and there are hundreds of other doctors. My gut says stay away and i am going with my gut. I don't want to wake up the next regretting a decision that is likely irreversible.The other thing that pushed me over the edge is the comments about how he doesn't accept responsibility for his work if something goes wrong and turns around and blames the patient?'
Thank your lucky stars you went with your gut! Had surgery with him in 2008, experienced all of the above plus more. Nose collapsed and can't breathe. Took no responsibility, denied there was anything wrong and bullied me into submission. Totally regret going to him, and yes he tried to blame me saying I must have allergies and that I am too picky and should be happy with a collapsed middle vault and not being able to breathe! Already had a revision but the breathing will never be the same. Oh one more thing, his aesthetic results were average...actually my nose now is wide and before it was nice and slim! Biggest regret of my life was going to him.