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'I cannot believe this guy. He is rude and he just tries to milk money out of you. He looks down on you and treats you like crap because he thinks he is better than you. Do not go to this office. There are a lot of better alternatives out there.'
In our office, following a thorough examination, Dr. Neale personally provides an explanation of findings and the various treatment options including an indication of expected costs. Patients comment very favorably on this. Sometimes this appointment is very straight forward when there is a specific problem but other times there are many problems and options. We try to provide the information each patient wants and let each patient decide if they want to treat just their main concern or also consider other problems that they were not aware of. Our goal is to avoid later unwanted surprises.
A dentist, especially a specialist is supposed to be an expert and be able to provide good information and recommendation. We understand that some patients might feel intimidated and we encourage patients to bring their spouse or significant other with them. Patients can also further discuss any matter with our staff. As with many things, dental care is expensive, but the decision to proceed with any treatment is the patients alone. We can provide honest advice and good explanation, but the decision to proceed with any treatment is always made by the patient. Our goal is for our patients to be happy after treatment is complete, not just after the initial appointment and we feel this is best accomplished by us being thorough. Tooth Replacement Dental Specialty Centre