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'What's with people paying between ten and twenty thousand dollars for implants and bars and then the dentist installs cheap five dollar Hader plastic clips that secure removable implant over dentures? They need to be changed twice a year at a hundred dollars a visit which takes a couple of minutes. They just snap out and in, no special tools required. Would be nice if the dentist just gave everybody a handful. Are there improved clips that last longer? Incidently the red Hader bar clips have better retention than the yellow ones. Anyone know where one can pick some up for a few bucks and change out yourself as needed?'
Hader plastic clips are designed to wear and be easier to replace than the more expensive metal components, saving money for the patient. Yellow ones are used initially and typically achieve the proper amount of retention. Usually, after many years, the metal parts do begin to wear and then red clips are used to re-establish retention. Excessive retention can create damaging forces or just be difficult for patients to use. Replacing clips can be a little tricky and if not properly done will result in a poor fit or retention, possibly damage. If the clips need replacing more than once a year, this may indicate a separate problem. No dentist would recommend a patient 'do it yourself' but if one of our patients really wanted these replacement parts, they could just ask. Tooth Replacement Dental Specialty Centre