Rating Feedback for Dr. Agayeva (725777)

The rating:
'The reason people write nasty comments about doctors on this site is because they can be anonymous and they are cowards. If they are so sure they are right about the doctor, they should write a formal complaint to the Medical Board.It does not cost anything. Instead, they chose to write bitter words, hoping for revenge i.e."the doctor will lose all patients". It never happens. These patients are disgusting human beings for behaving this way.'
This sounds like a comment from the doctors office. On what basis do you make sweeping statements that imply we are writing a negative review about a doctor on a public for revenge or malice. In fact its a very good motive to take time out of our busy lives to let the public know how as one person, our experience was, so others can benefit from it - and we are staking claim only to our own experience. If you are actually from the doctors office, its a demonstration of how desperate this practice is. Tell your dear doctor to read these reviews and take constructive criticism and improve her relationships with patients before having people like you whine on her behalf.