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In the spirit of full disclosure, this the first time I have felt a need to respond to negative reviews at this site. I am generally a receptive and easygoing person and figure that most intelligent readers at this site can tell the truth from exaggeration. It's just that I find these particular comments so damning and over-the-top as to scare potential patients from considering my practice.
The anonymous nature of the 12/22/12 posting make it impossible for me to address the alleged verbal exchanges in this pregnancy. But I do take such accusations seriously, indeed personally, and I am deeply hurt by them.
I have lost sleep trying to figure out how any real patient of mine could paint such a picture of my solo practice.

Generically, let me say that I follow and support the recent initiatives by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to prevent elective deliveries(vaginally or cesarean)prior to 39 weeks If I wrestle with couples at all it is to use such inductions only when I fear a less than optimal outcome by waiting(e.g.-for patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, fetal failure to thrive. . . and the like). My office manager, Jenny, has tired of hearing me dissuade expectant parents of even considering an inappropriate induction. I would never jeopardize the well-being of mother or child(this is a "no brainer" from a practical, professional, liability and, most importantly, a personal stand point). I couldn't live with myself if I didn't do my best! I believe the record bears this out.
Of this, I am proud but not boastful. I don't claim to be perfect-I have been known to sigh audibly on the phone at 3 am when awakened by a patient who wants a prescription called in but leaves me on hold while she retrieves the pharmacy phone number!

Rather than attempt to address every component of the writer's negative comments, I invite you to read the contributions of the vast number of patients who "get it".
If interested in my practice I suggest you try an introductory visit(often for the price of a co-pay). I believe you will find us a good match for any couple desiring an interactive relationship with an obstetrician. Of course, you are always free to keep searching--no hard feelings, REALLY!

Hunter S Tashman

Although I cannot speak to

Although I cannot speak to the medical issue that's being debated, I can speak to this patients feeling of Dr. Tashman's condescending tone when awakened in the night or questioned regarding treatment. My Husband was treated with extreme disrespect when he called Dr. Tashman to inform him of a serious issue I was having late in my pregnancy. I was incapacitated, but Dr. Tashman insisted he could not give medical advice without hearing the symptoms directly from me. He became argumentative with my husband and hung up on him when my husband pushed back.

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