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'Dr. Toriumi changed my life. I have alwasy been self conscious about my nose, which is the typical flat & short Asian nose. I went to see several plastic surgeons in my area about my nose. They all at first tried to persuade me to have them fix my nose, but after explaining to them that I had 2 nose jobs previously and was still unhappy with the results, and have been looking for the right dr. for almost 2 decades now to fix it, these drs. all referred me to Dr. Toriumi, someone so well respected among his colleagues. With additional research, I found out that Dr. T is internationally known and people flew in globally to get their noses done by him. I went on his website and after looking at his before & after pix, I was convince that he could deliver what i wanted. I had my nose done 2 months ago and i couldn't be more happy with the result. Finally, I am elated with my nose and feel so much more confidence about myself. My nose looks 100% better but still so natural looking.'
Hi, I am considering a primary rhino with Dr. Toriumi and am meeting with him this month. I also have a typical wide Asian nose. Would you be so kind as to share your experience with me? Did he use rib on you too? Thank you.

Hi! I read about your good

Hi! I read about your good outcome with Dr. Toriumi, I'm going to have a revision with him after a bad bad rhino after a car crash. I can't mistake with the second doctor, I read that now you're happy, so could you send to me some pics? It was hard the post surgery? Any pain, any problems? And the swelling? Have you got the nose you accorded whit him during consultation?
Thank you so much for your kindly answer!

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