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The rating:
'I was referred to Reed Day by my dentist for oral surgery. Neither Dr Day, or his staff, explained possible repercussions of the surgery. The patient is required to sign a standard waiver that absolves Dr. Day of any type of post operative problems. Following my surgery, I encountered prolonged facial numbness. 3 years later i am still experiencing numbness & tingling of my lower lip, gum & chin. His office was exceptionally unhelpful when i called post surgery re my concerns. When I saw Dr. Day for my post op, he insisted on having a witness in the room. He is arrogant, insensitive, egotistical & does not appear to have any compassion whatsoever for his patients. I wouldn't see him again for anything, nor would I refer anyone to him. He should be ashamed how he treats his patients.'
The exact same thing happened to me. I have permanent nerve damage in the same spots thanks to Dr. Day! He says he is the only one in the nation that can fix this nerve yet he could not fix mine and he caused it. He is such a jerk. Going to Dr. Day was the biggest mistake of my life!