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'lEST I BE SARCASTIC HE IS KNOWLEDGABLE ON HOW TO GET YOUR MONEY. THEY WANT CASH MONEY WOULDNT BE SURPRISED IF THIS guy IS WORKING OFF THE BOOKS. I called him on medicare fraud they have taken statements. The **** behind the counter is his wife the rest of the staff is nice. Call your insurance company if he wants anything except co-payment. Wait for your EOB from your insurance company before you overpay. He likes to pull bait and switch, saying he accepts your insurance then when he bills you what he didn't tell you was he accepts your insurance but you are *out of network* get everything in writing better yyet just go somewhere else.'
Can you please help me!! I use to see this Doctor and I also had humana insurance but I change it and didnt know that Dr Stien didnt except my new insurance. He walked into the room for twenty seconds to ask if anything changed and wrote me a prescription and walked back out and I was billed over 2,000 dollars!!! This was three months ago and now a law firm is sending me bills!! My doctor told me that the treatment I received shouldnt been over 200.00 dollars!! I want to report him for over charging me to the state attorney General!! Do you have any contact information that can help me?? Plz Let me know!! Im not paying 2,000 for a two word conversation and for a prescription that i didnt even fill!! HELP!!! BEWARE THIS DOCTOR IS FRAUDLENT!!!