Rating Feedback for Dr. Jenken (529299)

The rating:
'I was a young person is a desperate, desperate situation. I was in my early 20's and because it took doctors/specialists SO LONG to properly fix my IBS, or whatever it was, a BAD bug, etc, but because I want to washroom 20+ times a day for ab out 2 yrs, while trying to go to university and work. To make a long story short = end result was Complete Rectal Prolapse. I was initally sent to another ColoRectal Surgeon in calgary, I forget his name but will find it and rate him too! but his office is some old house/mansion down off of downtown. After 3 MAJOR SCREW SURGERIES and after he finally admitted he wasn't good enough to fix it. I bit my tongue and held back not smashing him to peices..... I DEMANDED he send me to Dr. Jenkins. The second I walked into his office, I knew I was saved. Everything was different, the office, the staff, the people, and of course the doctor and the surgery/treatment. I truely owe my life to Dr. Jenkins, he is an amazing doctor/surgeon who actually cares!'
Was the other doctor called dr Douglas Johnson? And work out of a haunted house in inglewood area called the sutton house?