Rating Feedback for Dr. Adkins (1732049)

The rating:
'Worst Doc! I have been treated by a nurse practitioner at his practice for about a year now.The medication I was on recently went out of stock because the factory shut down. My NP gave me a 7 day script as a trial to see if it was going to work. When I went back after the week trial I had to see Dr Atkins. I told him the situation and he put me on a very low dose of a different kind of med. I asked him about it and he was extremely rude and walked out while I was still asking him questions. I went back in to ask him more questions. When he came in the room his eyes were glazed, his face was twitching and his hand was shaking He obviously went and did drugs! I asked him if I could just finish the month out on the trial med my NP gave me. He was extremely rude he wouldn't listen or address any of my concerns. Once again he left the room while I was still asking him questions. I would advise anyone thinking about seeing this doctor to stay away! He is obviously on drugs.'
Wow. These are pretty serious allegations. This dr has taken over the practice of my pain management dr who has retired. His practice is quite a distance from where I live and that alone may not see him. I'm going to give him a chance but may find a dr closer to home.