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'Not sure where the 5/5 reviews come from. Did not get a good impression of this guy. Came across as arrogant, flashy and only looking out for his own bank account. Dr. French's estimate for our child included 2 phases of treatment (18 mos of braces at 8 yrs of age followed by retainers & another couple yrs of braces at age 12). Cost $4,500 for just the first phase. After much research learned this "2 phase treatment" is outdated and not supported by orthodontic research during past decade. Sought a 2nd opinion from another ortho who confirmed this and said all our child needs for now is a $450 retainer and possibly braces when, as our new orthodontist put it "age appropriate". Be careful and get a 2nd opinion before he takes all your $ and subjects your child to unnecessary an uncomfortable procedures.'
Wo wo wo, did you see the same Dr. French that gave me braces? I had braces put on as an adult, he was more than fair and did an excellent job. My case was not an easy one and even when I wanted to be done he insisted that I be patient and keep the braces on. Dr. French is a perfectionist, he is meticulous and unlike many professionals does not rush you through the process and he certainly isn't trying to "look out for his own bank account".
Are you sure that you actually consultated with Dr. French because you called him arrogant and flashy, that in no way properly describes him. I would have to guess that you are confused and got your orthodontist mixed up.

Dr. French thank you for your services, I hope anyone who reads the previous review will understand that it is bogus and has no merit.